Universal Smartphone Belt Holster by Ghostek

Price: $17.42

Applicable LSC Dollars: $4.01/per item

Price After Applicable LSC Dollars Applied: $13.41/per item

This holster clips your smartphone onto your belt for easy access at all times without weighing down a pocket! The spring-loaded arms fit nearly any size phone up to 4in wide - even if it has a case. Slightly rubberized grips ensure your phone stays in place during your commute, exercise, or hiking. Once clipped, you can rotate the grip 360 degrees to suit your needs.

The clip also doubles as a handy phone stand - remove it from your belt, rotate it horizontally or vertically, and place it on a flat surface. It's great for watching videos on the plane.

Clip it onto belts, backpacks, purse straps, and more. It's also a safer alternative for men who want to avoid smartphone radiation while in a pocket.

- Universal Smartphone Belt Holster
- Compatible with Any Phone 2.6in - 4in Wide
- Even Usable with Large Cases
- 360 Degree Ratcheting Rotation
- Locking Clip Doubles as Phone Stand
- Clips on to Belts, Backpack, Purse Straps and More
- Frees Up Pockets
- Scratch-Resistant ABS Plastic
- Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty by Ghostek
- Unit Dimensions: 84.4mm x 85.79mm x 44.8mm