Swirl Around Carousel with Food Containers

Price: $28.70

Applicable LSC Dollars: $4.31/per item

Price After Applicable LSC Dollars Applied: $24.39/per item

This 49-piece Swirl Around Carousel set by Handy Gourmet includes 24 containers, 24 locking lids, and a turning carousel. The heart of the system is the clever carousel stand that holds all the containers and lids and spins 360 degrees.

The red color lids, provided with the set, fit the different-sized containers on the food carousel. To access a particular container or lid, just swirl the carousel around. The containers can withstand high temperatures required for heating food in microwaves.

Set includes:
- Turning Carousel
- 8 - 8 ounce plastic containers
- 8 - 16 ounce plastic containers
- 8 - 24 ounces plastic containers
- 24 - Interchangeable Locking Lids

Additional Features:
- As Seen on TV
- BPA Free
- Turning carousel for space saving storage
- Interchangeable lids fit all sizes
- 3 container sizes: 8, 16, & 24 oz
- Microwave safe
- Dishwasher safe
- Each container features measuring marks on the side
- Size: 9"tall x 11"diameter