John Wayne Collection DVD - 5 Disc Set

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The John Wayne Collection features some of the "Duke's" greatest western film triumphs. It allows the John Wayne aficionado a chance to look back and see why John Wayne was one of the greatest box-office draws in the history of the motion picture industry. The John Wayne smile, the cock of his ten-gallon hat, his leisure-like way of expression, the iron fists and his six-shooter skills make this series of films a must-see for the classic western film lover. Film range from Sagebrush Trail from 1933 to Mclintock from 1963.

Films include: Blue Steel, Star Packer, The Trail Beyond, Texas Terror, Lawless Range, Hell Town, Angel and the Badman, Paradise Canyon, West of the Divide, Sagebrush Trail, Winds of the Wasteland, Randy Rides Alone, 'Neath the Arizona Skies, McLintock, The American West of John Ford, John Wayne Retrospective.

- 5 Discs
- 15 feature films
- Over 16 hours of material
- Original graphics
- Facts and trivia
- Special collector's photo gallery