COB Glow In The Dark Flashlight 12-Pk

Price: $33.26

Applicable LSC Dollars: $6.43/per item

Price After Applicable LSC Dollars Applied: $26.83/per item

With this incredible deal, you get 12 super-bright torch flashlights with some great features. Each light uses COB technology that makes them shine at 120 Lumens!

They come in 4 colors: Orange, Green, Blue and Pink and all of them glow in the dark, making them easy to find in a pinch. Each flashlight comes with the 3 AAA batteries you need to power them right out of the case. Just be sure to remove the plastic disk inside the battery compartment.

This pack is great for putting flashlights all over your home, shed, garage, car and more. Plus, kids will love them and they will each have their very own.

Features and Benefits:
- Value Pack of 12 Torch Flashlights
- 3 of Each Color: Pink, Blue, Green and Orange
- COB LED Technology
- 120 Lumens
- Glow in the Dark Body
- Push Button Power Switch
- Wrist Strap
- Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Included for all 12)
- Waterproof and Weather Resistant
- 4 Hrs. of Continuous Illumination with Fresh Batteries
- 10 Meter Illumination Distance

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