Hose Hero - The World's Toughest Garden Hose

Price: $23.26

Applicable LSC Dollars: $2.91/per item

Price After Applicable LSC Dollars Applied: $20.35/per item

This revolutionary new garden hose will take the hassle out of yard work this summer. As compared to normal hoses, the Hose Hero is virtually indestructible, light weight, kink-free and it stays cool to the touch even under the blister sun.

It features a rubber inner hose that keeps it from leaking and a SmartSteel outer hose that holds up to anything the outdoors has to throw at it.

The Hose Hero attaches to spigots like any regular hose, and it's super flexible so it can be spooled up in a breeze after a long days work.

One hose is 25 ft. long, so be sure to figure out how much length you need before ordering; you can connect as many as you need. Save BIG when you grab two or more!

How does HOSE HERO compare with the other As Seen On TV Garden Hoses? You decide:

  The Original Hose Hero Hercules HoseThe Original Metal Garden Hose
Length 25 Foot Hose 25 Foot Hose 25 Foot Hose
Price $14.99 $19.99$24.99
Standard S&H $6.66 $7.99$6.99
Weather Proof YES YESYES
Anti-Leak Connector YES YESNO

Features and Benefits:
- SmartSteel Hose that is virtually indestructible
- Rubber inner hose prevents leaking
- Replaces heavy rubber garden hoses
- Flexible
- Stays cool to the touch
- Connects to spigots and you can connect multiple hoses together
- Lightweight
- Never kinks
- 25 ft. long
- Lasts a lifetime