Set of Two Digital Pedometers

Price: $10.30

Applicable LSC Dollars: $2.37/per item

Price After Applicable LSC Dollars Applied: $7.93/per item

Little kids love an iPad or a Tablet... problem is we don't really want them messing with it. It's a big investment and who wants them damaging it. That's why the Nova-Pad Interactive Speaking Tablet is perfect for that little geek in your family!

It has the look of a tablet which will thrill your little one and provide lots of educational activities and challenges which will thrill you!

With 50 icons, 10 modes, lights and sounds, plus a 7.8" touch screen, The You don't get just one Digital Pedometer, you get TWO!

A pedometer is a helpful tool in reaching your fitness goals one step at a time. Tthese digital pedometers make it easy to track your steps and see if you are on target to reach your goal.

It couldn't be any easier to use. Just clip to your belt or waistband, and the user-friendly pedometers count steps to 100,000 (roughly 50 miles!).

It has an easy-to-read LCD display indicating steps and distanced traveled.

Each box includes 2 digital pedometers complete with button cell batteries.

- You Get Two
- Counts your daily steps
- Counts up to 50 miles (100,000 steps)
- LCD display
- Belt-clip
- Battery included