Versa Beam Flashlight Lantern 2-pk

Price: $12.50

Applicable LSC Dollars: $1.83/per item

Price After Applicable LSC Dollars Applied: $10.67/per item

The Versa Beam Flashlight Lantern by i-Zoom is the perfect hand-held lighting solution for camping, emergencies and everyday use. Its familiar shape is that of a torch flashlight, but slide the shaft up and it turns into a lantern, shedding light in 360 degrees!

The base of the light is allows this to sit upright on a table, but it also houses a powerful magnet to affix it to metal surfaces; great for auto work.

This deal includes a smaller version of this incredible flashlight lantern complete with a snap hook to attach it to your key ring so you always have this versatile light at hand.

Features and Benefits:
- 2 in 1 Flashlight and Lantern
- 3 Illumination Modes: High Beam, Low Beam, Strobe
- Quick Press Mode Selection
- Bonus Mini Flashlight Lantern with Key Ring
- Flashlight Slides Up to Become a Lantern
- 50 Lumens (both lights)
- Batteries for Both Lights Included (1AA and 3 Button Cells)
- Weather Resistant and Shockproof
- Aluminum Construction
- Large Light Includes Magnetic Base